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Ms. Purvi Jhaveri
Director : Sunday Pure Holidays

Great Initiatives you guys take which makes you stand out amongst other operators.

It's been 18 years and yet this Industry makes me feel young each day. travel is my Guru today after the various Experiences it has taken me through so many years. Sunday Pure Holidays would not have been possible without the sacrifice and unconditional support of my husband Mr. Jyot Jhaveri (he stands as a shield for all of us today). This Industry loves me and so do I reciprocate the same and thanks to the always supporting partners like Blue Star and it's team and many more. names would go on and on. Sunday Pure Holidays grow if this Travel Industry Grows and I grow if my Company Grows so I call this My Circle of Life.
Ms. Payal Mehta (Freelancer)

I have been in the travel industry since 2005 and began as a freelance travel consultant in 2009. My journey as a free lancer seemed to be a far away and difficult one with all the big companies and so many upcoming online portals, but my dedication and hard work helped me sustain and achieve my goals and create a position in the market.

In the process of achieving my goals Blue star has played an important role with their strong contacts, prompt services and undivided faith and trust in an upcoming entrepreneur like me. I Thank them eternally for their extensive support and corporation.